Reduced road user charges

Reduce your road user charges with Xoom by Xlerate. Automate the work involved with RUC refunds.

Reduced road user charges

  • Now it’s easy to claim unused RUC
  • Automate capture and claim
  • Detailed reports to validate your refund

Are you paying more RUC than you need to?

Your vehicles aren’t always driving on public roads, so you can claim a refund from LTNZ for all the off-road kilometres. This can make a real difference to the profitability of your freight or transport operation, especially if you’re in the forestry or dairy sector.

Making road user charges easy

Xoom incorporates a Road User Charges (RUC) module that gives you a fully-automated way to collect off-road data and applying for RUC refunds. We’ve eliminated the tedious paperwork so that refunds are quick and easy to claim. Two clicks is all it takes.

Detailed reports to validate your claims

The map and satellite data that Xoom collects about off-road travel can be presented as a detailed report, which can be submitted to support your RUC refund claim.

Make sure vehicles don’t run out of RUC

You can request alerts ensure that vehicles never run out of RUC license.