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Xlerate – on-the-road intelligence since 2004

About Xlerate

Founded in 2004, Xlerate is a specialised software-as-a-service company that focuses exclusively on the productivity of mobile assets and workers. We’re based in New Zealand, a country known for its IT ingenuity, and we have satellite offices in Dubai and Mumbai. Our fleet and mobile workforce solutions provide off-the-shelf simplicity for smaller businesses. For larger organizations they can be customised to ensure optimal performance.

The benefits of software-as-a-service (SaaS)

Xlerate’s delivery model is software-as-a-service. Our software and its associated data are hosted on our servers and accessed by users through the web. SaaS gives you many benefits:

  • You can view the location of a single vehicle or fleet and immediately see their status (moving, stopped and stop duration)
  • Trusted customers can also login to see real-time job/order progress
  • Your solution can be accessed from any web-enabled device
  • There’s no limit to the number of users you can have
  • Software updates happen automatically, with no downtime
  • Your data is securely stored and backed up
  • You control access – the only people who can see your data are those you choose
  • Your solution is maintenance free – no installation or manual backups required
  • Easier on cash flow because there’s no initial capital outlay for in house hardware and extra staff

Our focus

Our systems improve the productivity of mobile workers and assets, resulting in increased revenue, reduced expenses, improved customer service and a greater competitive advantage. We focus on helping clients who need compliance management, sales and territory management, mobile data collection, dispatch and tracking of jobs and orders, and lone worker management.

We use our expertise to:

  • Mobilize your business processes to save time and money, eliminate mistakes and generate more revenue through productivity gains
  • Empower your people through solutions that are intuitive and easy to use
  • Reduce paperwork and administration costs
  • Provide business insight through all areas of your organization
  • Keep your data secure at all times
  • Ensure rapid payback and low total cost of ownership


Known for our innovation, its awesome to be officially recognised through the IBA Awards.

Manoj Dolli, accepting the award for Best Marketing

Photo courtesy of Indian Newslink

IBA Awards

  • Winner: Best Marketing Excellence Award 2010
  • Finalist: Best Innovation 2010
  • Finalist: Best Marketing Excellence 2009
  • Finalist: Best Innovation 2009
  • Winner: Best Innovation 2008
  • Finalist: Best Small/Medium Business 2008
  • Finalist: Best Exporter to India 2008

Westpac Auckland Central Business Awards

  • Finalist: Excellence in Exporting 2011
  • Finalist: Excellence in Innovation 2011