Advanced fleet management

Advanced fleet management with Xoom by Xlerate. A single view of everything that’s happening.

Advanced fleet management

  • A single integrated view of all of your fleet’s activities
  • A virtual GPS-based odometer provides automatic maintenance alerts for each vehicle
  • Handy inspection check lists
  • Track and control complete life cycle of every vehicle, from purchase to disposal

Efficient maintenance

If you’ve been using spreadsheets or accounting packages to manage fleet maintenance, Xoom can save you time, effort and mistakes. You’ll have a single integrated view of your fleet’s maintenance requirements, supported by automated alerts, reports and events to ensure that no aspect of fleet maintenance slips through the cracks.

Virtual odometers

Xoom maintains a virtual GPS-based odometer for each vehicle and provides automatic alerts for key vehicle maintenance procedures. These maintenance alerts can be triggered based on odometer, date, engine hours and fuel use. You’ll reduce costs and downtime through timely vehicle maintenance.

Inspection checklists

Inspection checklists help to ensure vehicles remain roadworthy. Traditionally, inspections relied on pen and paper – this often resulted in incomplete tracking and recording of vehicle conditions.
With Xoom you can replace the paper-based systems with electronic check lists and gather valuable information to you’re your fleet in shape.

Lifecycle management

Xoom lets you track and control activities related to the complete life cycle of the vehicle, from purchase to disposal including loans and repayment. For every vehicle you can also report on fuel use, tyre use, inventory, repairs, insurance, accident history, registration and permits, preventative maintenance and more.