Any Asset Anywhere

Keep track of moving and fixed assets with Xoom.Monitor vehicles, portable equipment, railcars, containers, pipelines, boats and more.

Any asset, anywhere

  • Our GPS units can be installed in vehicles, railcars, containers, pipelines, boats and much more
  • RFID proximity cards let you accurately track personnel and equipment, provide proof-of-visit and service, record guard check points, track timber and much more

Dual-mode for total coverage

Using the Xoom dual-mode satellite data and GSM GPRS units, you can monitor, message and control your assets across the country. Xoom is a low cost, reliable data communications tool that lets you access critical information beyond the geographic reach of GSM and CDMA systems. The two-way satellite system is designed to provide ‘near-real-time’ and ‘store-and-forward’ communication to and from both fixed and mobile assets.

Extraordinary versatility

Our dual-mode units can used installed on trucks, trailers, railcars, containers, heavy equipment, fluid tanks, utility meters, pipelines, marine vessels, oil wells and other assets.

Driver ID proximity cards

RFID proximity cards are issued to drivers; each has a pre-programmed unique code. The cards can be printed with a photo and other details, so that they also serve as identification. The drivers scan their cards to logon and logoff; the system tracks and reports on their working hours. Employees can scan their cards as they get on or off a staff bus, providing a simple way to track attendance of field staff at remote sites.

Bin tracking

Bins can be tagged with long-range RFID tags that can be read with a vehicle or lift arm mounted reader. Each time a bin is picked/dropped, the bin ID is registered in the system, along with GPS based location and date time.


Equipment service technicians that perform preventative maintenance can provide proof-of-visit and service by tagging each piece of equipment with an RFID proximity tag, which is scanned when the service is performed. The scan data can be also correlated with the customer site and service contract. Typical examples include plant maintenance, fire extinguisher and alarm checking.

Guard duty

Guards can use the hand-held data collector to record all checkpoints visited. By placing the reader close to the RFID tag, the time, date and checkpoint location is recorded. Incident events encountered may also be recorded using a set of pre-determined tag ids, eliminating the need for manual data entry. The RFID tag can be read through ice, dirt, grime, paint, wood, concrete, glass, dry wall and other non-metallic materials.

Timber inventory tracking

Nail tags can be embedded into logs to enable tracking of timber inventory from forest to mill. The readers are vehicle mounted or hand held. Each read also records tag id, with date time and location.

Other solutions

RFID systems are non-contact and non-line-of-sight. Tags can be read through snow, paint, dust, wood, concrete and other harsh environments, where barcodes and touch memory technology (ibutton) would fail.

RFID systems can be used in a number of applications. We can help you select the right solution combination for your application. When selecting hardware, you need to consider read range, speed of read, ambient conditions and other factors