Bus & Coach

Happy drivers, happy passengers – all day, every day with Xlerate solutions.

In addition to the ticketing and radio communication equipment within a bus or coach cab, there is a need for an in-vehicle terminal that allows each driver to interact with the base system.

Xlerate ensures that your dispatcher’s base terminal communicates with the bus terminals, over the mobile network, and processes the bus status information in a timely and user-friendly manner.

Solution features

  • Individual log-on for each base operator, which may include a User ID and PIN number
  • Each status transmission received from a bus can be tagged with the bus identity
  • Driver run management
  • Soft touch key requests in MDT, e.g. different colour for each category – Accident, Help, Info Request etc.
  • Comprehensive pre-formatted reports to facilitate focus on route operations (bus change-over, lost mileage/late running, bus loading, help requests)
  • Analysis of breakdowns and faults (subscribed to maintenance staff)
  • Regular passenger profiles can be uploaded with their mobile numbers, so that you can offer enhanced premium service such as SMS alerts for delays and confirmation of bookings

Business benefits

  • Optimize routes to reduce mileage travelled
  • Accurate routes lead to increased productivity
  • Monitor drivers movements and respond accurately to any breakdowns
  • View live vehicle location in real time throughout the journey, ensuring management have an up-to-date view of operations
  • Customised geo-fencing for time sensitive stops
  • Pre-alert customers of ETA by SMS
  • Receive live traffic updates so any extended delays can be factored in
  • Improved driver health and safety
  • Simple to read reports provide key data to assist with decision making