Car Haulage

Optimized delivery and collection schedules, reduced paperwork and automated driver logs for Car Haulage companies.

They also handle specialised boat haulage.

Many of New Zealand’s major vehicle delivery companies benefit from Xlerate’s fleet productivity solution. These fleets handle the transportation of all vehicle types – sports, commercial and agricultural.


  • Manually planning and checking multi-drop routes
  • Asking drivers to manually log work completed
  • Trying to determine which deliveries have been made
  • Concerned about the health and welfare of employees
  • Meeting targeted service level agreements
  • Ensuring the security of vehicles being hauled

Business benefits

  • Efficient control and communication of delivery and collection schedules
  • Change, update and reorganize run manifests in real-time
  • Provide customers with accurate invoices and signed proof of delivery
  • Reduce back office labour
  • Eliminate inefficiencies and expose revenue opportunities