Connected Navigation

NavXtend is at the centre of Xlerates Connected Navigation solution and gets complemented within the Xtend Mobile Data Terminal.

NavXtend software that integrates with our Jobs module and calculates the quickest and most efficient route to your destination.

By providing turn-by-turn voice route guidance, NavXtend lets you keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel, so you can reach your destination safely. More Information…

When a Job is dispatched in the field, you can accept the Job and if you need to navigate to the desired location, then at a click of a button, NavXtend will assist with the following:
  • Confidence: Navigating through unfamiliar areas is clear and simple with NavXtend. Expert directions talk you through each turn.
  • Security: NavXtend eliminates the fear of getting lost. No longer will you need to pull over and ask for directions, or read maps to find your way. With NavXtend you’ll always know the precise location of your vehicle.
  • Convenience: By calculating the optimal route to any destination, NavXtend eliminates the guesswork. And when roadwork is ahead, NavXtend offers an alternative, detour route, to keep you going on your way.
  • Safety: NavXtend uses voice guidance to alert you of upcoming turns and manoeuvers, so you may concentrate on the road for a safer journey.