Construction and Roadworks

Less road time, fewer personnel and quicker turnarounds for Construction and Roadworks.

Xlerate has a broad portfolio of integrated construction positioning systems designed to improve productivity.

Xlerate’s construction solutions help to get the job done faster during every phase of the construction cycle — design, grading, site checking, building and asset tracking.

Business benefits

  • Visibility and control for dispatchers working with construction trucking fleet
  • GPS navigation for efficient delivery of products to unfamiliar locations
  • Ability to find alternative or more efficient routes, quickly
  • Concrete trucks can be fitted with bowl rotation sensors to provide real-time field data to central office
  • Advance shipment notification to customers, so that they can prepare for unloading when the truck arrives

Xlerate helps pave the road to success for Road Metals

Implementation of our fleet management system has given Road Metals two cost-effective ways to communicate efficiently with their drivers. Our solution also makes it easy for Road Metals to track off-road vehicle use, so that they can claim RUC refunds from LTNZ.

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