Courier & Delivery Services

Optimized delivery and collection schedules, reduced paperwork and automated driver logs for Courier and Delivery Service companies.

With an Xlerate solution, turn by turn navigation guides your driver directly to the correct location.

The driver inputs the status of any tasks carried out with live feedback and POD signature capture, which are returned to base immediately.


  • Monitoring routes in real time by exception
  • Monitoring the plan versus actual, to ensure routes remain on schedule
  • Dispatching the job electronically to the relevant vehicle.
  • Viewing the location of the fleet in real time
  • View the nearest vehicle to a pick-up location
  • Saving ideal routes into the system, so that route deviations are flagged – ideal for high value or time sensitive loads

Business benefits

  • Increased productivity through improved organization and more efficient planning
  • Optimised delivery schedule ensures all deliveries are made within the required time window, using the minimum resource possible
  • Status and location of each driver are monitored through the day, ensuring time sensitive deliveries are not neglected
  • Improved data flow between workforce and depot
  • Reduced paperwork and improved communications in real time
  • Drivers can use a panic button in case of emergencies
  • Reports shows accurate data relating to key operational activity
  • Reduced fuel costs and travel time by optimizing routes
  • Driver performance and working hours can be monitored
  • Drivers can minimise travel time and mileage using turn by turn navigation instructions in-vehicle
  • The nearest vehicle can be sent to a site for any emergency response work