Fleet Intelligence

Fleet and mobile asset management solutions by Xlerate

Xoom for vehicles and portable equipment is your shortcut to dramatic operational improvements. You’ll get the market advantage you’ve been looking for!

With Xoom you can lift business performance through improved fleet management, better utilisation and timely maintenance. The monthly cost of Xoom is paid back with reduced fuel and labour costs. Your stakeholders will be reassured that your enterprise is operating at the highest level of efficiency. Your Xoom solution can be configured to fit your enterprise exactly. It can include any or all of these benefits:

Accurate real time tracking

  • Real time visibility of your vehicle/assets and driver locations on a detailed map
  • ‘Breadcrumb trail’ shows the detailed activity of a vehicle
  • See customer data on the map
  • Events and alerts give you greater control of your operations
  • Map runs seamlessly across borders


Advanced fleet management

  • A single integrated view of all of your fleet’s activities
  • A virtual GPS-based odometer provides automatic maintenance alerts for each vehicle
  • Handy inspection check lists
  • Track and control complete life cycle of every vehicle, from purchase to disposal


Optimised collaboration

  • Built in security lets you can grant required access to your fleet information, without compromising sensitive data
  • Customers can have access to vehicles that are carrying their loads
  • Advanced shipment notification tracks vehicles and updates the load point with up-to-date status


Accurate on-board data

  • Vehicle diagnostic information allows proactive fleet maintenance to increase on-road time
  • Temperature measurement, doors, headlights, brakes, bin lift arms and other PTOs
  • Tyre pressure and axle weight measuring if required


Reduced road-user charges

  • Now it’s easy to claim off road RUC
  • Automate capture and claim
  • Detailed reports to validate your refund


Optimized route planning

  • Optimize route sequence to minimize travel
  • Monitor route compliance and receive alerts such as early or late windows, dwell time at customer site exceeded, stop missed, unplanned stops and more


Any asset, anywhere

  • Our GPS units can be installed in vehicles, railcars, containers, pipelines, boats and much more
  • RFID proximity cards let you accurately track personnel


User-friendly features

  • Performance dashboards use graphics to make monitoring easy
  • Comprehensive reporting allows thorough analysis of fleet activity
  • Administrators can easily view and modify all aspects of Xoom from a single web-based screen
  • Drivers are able to participate in 2-way instant messaging through their smartphone