Heavy Equipment

Look after your forklifts, skin-steers, compressors, light plants, back hoes and generators with Xlerate.

Construction, roading and warehousing companies need to know that their portable assets are where they should be.

Xlerate provides the real-time location of each portable asset, so that you can verify that each piece of equipment is in the right location. Our solutions can also monitor the health of your assets, to ensure timely maintenance and reduced downtime.

Business benefits

  • Manage asset usage
  • Allocate resources effectively
  • Know when the asset is in use, so you can verify for accurate billing
  • Reduce equipment rental
  • Reduce maintenance and fuel costs
  • Get timely and accurate information with automated reports of engine hours and operating hours
  • Easily identify the location of the asset when a technician arrives on site
  • Alert service technicians to provide maintenance at the right time.
  • Reduce insurance costs