Livestock & Farming

Geo-boundaries, fertiliser application history and asset monitoring for Livestock and Farming companies.

Xlerate GPS devices are also fitted into four-wheel drive spreaders to monitor ground and pasture spreading.

Some of Xlerate’s agribusiness customers transport livestock; others are ground spreaders with late model computerised spreader units used for precision nitrogen spreading.

Business benefits

  • Geo-boundaries for paddocks using cadastral and farm plot data
  • Reports on fertiliser applications and authentic evidence with breadcrumb display of spreader truck history/replay
  • Route finding and trip planning with farm plot data
  • Custom map data capture to show drain locations, fencing and other farm features
  • Competitive differentiator when bidding for new contracts to be able to say that every invoice is associated with evidentiary work
  • Provide customers with accurate invoices and proof of service delivery
  • Comprehensive off-road RUC management for speedy refunds

Animal management company

Direct Service Solutions (DSS) provides management services to solve dog and stock animal problems, public complaints about animals, and dog registration compliances in various city and district councils within New Zealand.
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