Noel Leeming

The challenge

Noel Leeming Group is a nationwide appliance retailer with more than 60 outlets throughout New Zealand. They provide a delivery service for their customers’ convenience, however planning efficient delivery routes each day was a time-consuming process, further complicated by the customers’ need to know when deliveries would arrive.

Our solution

As they strive to offer a superior standard of service, Noel Leeming has implemented an Xlerate solution to enhance their delivery process. Enhanced route planning has reduced fuel costs, lifted customer service standards and reduced back office workload, resulting in a positive impact on Noel Leeming’s bottom line.

  • Business benefits
  • Jobs are automatically dispatched to drivers in a sequential order to minimize travel time and reduce fuel costs.
  • Back office staff are saving time on paperwork, because route planning and job dispatch are managed by the Xlerate solution.
  • Goods are delivered to customers in a reliable and timely manner., which helps to maintain customer loyalty.
  • Drivers are able to provide customers with an accurate arrival time. At any time customers can find out exactly where their appliances are.