Sales Team Management

Lift the productivity of your sales team, improve customer service and reduce paperwork. Xlerate enhances travel routes and eliminates paperwork, so that your sales team has more time for selling.

Benefits for sales managers

  • View the location of every sales rep in real time
  • View the nearest vehicle to a customer location, to reduce travel time and speed-up the sales process
  • Monitor all sales visits in real time by exception. Monitor the planned arrival time versus actual to ensure appointments remain on time
  • Closely monitor any out-of-hours use of vehicles, to increase security of vehicles and reduce fuel used
  • Use reports to monitor key operational activity. This can be defined for each user group, dependant on their requirements
  • Driver ID provides each driver with their own unique identity code – you can see who has been driving each vehicle at any one time

Business benefits

  • Increase productivity through efficient planning and territory management
  • Ensure all sales appointments are reached on time
  • Monitor status and location of each sales person through the day, so that time-sensitive appointments aren’t missed
  • Improve data flow between sales force and office
  • Reduce paperwork and improve communications in real time
  • Reduce fuel costs by improving routes taken