Service and distribution

Greater productivity, improved customer satisfaction and reduced costs for Service and Distribution.

Xlerate solutions are deployed by service and distribution companies to optimise product delivery to wholesalers, cash and carry stores and major retailers nationwide.

By integrating Xlerate’s solution with routing and scheduling back-end operations and processes, customers are able to run their vehicles more efficiently and improve customer service.

Business benefits

  • Improved customer service by providing visibility of service provider’s location
  • Accurate stop reports at customer locations, for billing dispute resolutions
  • Reduction in downtime and contractor wages
  • Route optimization and planning to achieve more deliveries in every day
  • Speed analysis for management of drivers
  • Reduced out-of-hours vehicle use
  • Faster job completion rate, because jobs can be dispatched to the closest vehicle

Cadbury tracks sales calls to lift customer service

Cadbury provides on-road customer service to a vast network of outlets, including dairies, fruit and vege shops, convenience stores and supermarkets. Before the implementation of Xlerate’s solution, they had minimal visibility of activity out in the field.

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