Giving you the information you need, in a format you can use, to make your fleet run more efficiently.

Integration and development

In the software-as-a-service world, no successful application exists in isolation. Our developers build integration tools and services into our solutions, so that Xnapp and Xoom can communicate and share data with external systems, both web-based and simple desktop or ERP/CRM systems.

These tools and services include:

  • XML web services: We provide a range of XML web services that can be used to extract or update information, including current vehicle position information.
  • Batch data import/export: Users are provided with simple import/export tool. Data such as vehicle information, customer, employee and jobs can all be imported/exported or updated using this method.
  • Subscribed report: Users can receive automated delivery of the reports data into their email address/drop directory. The receiving system can then process the data from the Excel sheet to update data or create custom reporting or feed business dashboards.
  • Custom: The Xlerate team has huge experience with integrating enterprise applications, such as ERPs and CRM systems and inventory and warehouse management systems. We also have the expertise to create and deliver custom workflows among multiple systems using shelf tools like MS BizTalk server. This approach allows rapid low cost development of a custom integrated solution.

Support and training

At Xlerate we take user support seriously. Our helpdesk is available 24/7 and all support staff are professional and knowledgeable about our solutions.

Xoom and Xnapp are simple to use and require only minimal training. However we’re happy to offer extended user training, to help customers make the best use of their solution. Existing customers can email to register for online classes or discuss onsite training requirements.

For support or training on Xnapp or Xoom contact:
Technical Support Manager
or Call: 0800 9537283 (within NZ)


Xlerate solutions are designed to work with iPhone, Android and Windows phones. We can also supply hardware for you, sourcing devices that are appropriate to your needs. Our partnerships ensure you’ll get best-in-class technology that’s both reliable and easy to use.