User-friendly Features

On the road and in the office, every day is easier with Xoom. Performance dashboards, reporting, instant messaging and more

User-friendly features

  • Performance dashboards use graphics to make monitoring easy
  • Electronic driver log books cut paperwork and save time
  • Comprehensive reporting allows thorough analysis of fleet activity
  • Administrators can easily view and modify all aspects of Xoom from a single web-based screen
  • Drivers are able to participate in 2-way instant messaging through their smartphone

Performance dashboards

Dashboards give you an easy graphical way to monitor operational efficiency of your fleet. Various operations parameters can be measured and mapped against established KPI.

Every user can create their own set of dashboards, each with graphs and values to monitor various facets of the business, e.g. job dispatch performance, freight delivery performance, maintenance performance, route compliance, fleet performance and more.

  • Operational: kms driven, speeding, stops, idling, off-road kms, after hours kms, early/late, start and end day, breakdowns, maintenance, turnaround.
  • Driver: driver log violations, on duty/rest hours, harsh braking/acceleration, engine v/s normal brake use, traffic violations.
  • Jobs: on time pickup/delivery, turnaround time, kms per pick/deliveries, empty runs.
  • Fuel: Fuel used, fuel used v/s budget, fuel use v/s speeding.
  • Tyres: Average kms driven, pressure readings.

Electronic driver logbooks

Bring your driver logbooks into the 21st century. The Xoom e-driver log module allows users to electronically record the usual logbook information, plus a whole lot more. The e-driver logbook can:

  • Reduce paperwork
  • Store and retrieve log data from the past 10 days or more
  • Display data in a number of formats
  • Warn driver of all potential violations, including daily and weekly limits of on-duty time, driving time and minimum rest time requirements
  • Automatically capture Hubo values and location of all status changes, violations and comments.

Easy messaging

Good communication saves you time and money, brings clarity and transparency to your business, and improves the efficiency of drivers and field workers. With Xoom, you can communicate with:

  • Text: two-way integrated text messaging allows dispatchers to send quick and clear messages to drivers in the field and receive confirmation that the driver has received and read the message.
  • Hands-free voice: The office can call the driver and the hands-free kit will automatically pick-up the call. You can also dial in to covertly listen in to activity in the cab.