Waste Management

Xlerate helps to shift a load of old rubbish

The challenge

Waste Management have built a thriving business based on rubbish and recycle collections. In October 2006, Waste Management’s New Plymouth branch secured a rubbish collection contract involving 35,000 households each week. To ensure a high level of customer service and quick resolution of customer complaints, Waste Management agreed that they needed a system that could tell the difference between a missed collection and a late bin.

Our Solution

The solution we designed for Waste Management not only tracks the location of their vehicles, it’s linked to sensors installed throughout the trucks. These sensors provide locations and times for certain events, such as using the lifting arm on a rubbish truck.

Business benefits

  • The location and activity of every rubbish truck can be tracked in real-time.
  • Base staff can immediately find out what is happening on any of the rubbish runs, right down to the time and exact location each bin is lifted.
  • Because the user-interface is online, Waste Management have been able to give the council’s call centre direct access to the movements and activity records for each truck. When a customer complaint comes in, they can address it immediately with accurate data.