Xnapp Healthcare

Mobile health workers can do more in less time with Xnapp Health

Improve compliance and empower your care team to take better care of their patients

  • Provides proof of visits, which can be matched to care plans
  • Improves regulatory compliance
  • Eliminates time-consuming paperwork in the field and at base
  • Supports easy communication with workers
  • You’ll always know where your workers are
  • Panic button ensures workers can quickly call for help

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A helping hand for health workers

Xnapp Health is ideal for all mobile care workers – aides, nurses, doctors, therapists, sales reps and care management. It ensures more time spent with patients because paperwork is eliminated – schedules, time sheets, visit records can be viewed and completed on a smartphone or mobile device. Xnapp eHealth also provides better personal safety for field workers – they can call for help with one touch of the screen

Better outcomes for patients

Patient data is securely transmitted wirelessly from point of care to Xnapp portal. The entire care team can view a patient’s data, which helps to eliminate errors and improve health outcomes.

Cost reductions

GPS ensures you can see location of every worker – this helps to improve worker compliance and accountability. Automated workflow and enhanced route planning reduces travel expenses and allows fewer workers to achieve more.

  • Secure user login and password
  • View work schedule for the day
  • Access patient records
  • Data capture for proof of visit and updated records
  • One-touch call for help
  • Secure messaging with Office
  • Supports both tablet and smart phone platforms
  • Audible alerts of new job’s arrival
  • Real time data transfer to secure Xnapp servers