Xnapp Compliance

Improve your compliance performance with Xnapp Compliance

Ideal for any business that has to adhere to statutory obligations

Ideal for any business that has to adhere to statutory obligations

  • Total transparency of compliance performance
  • Easy adherence to statutory obligations
  • Dramatic cost reductions
  • Automated key functions
  • Elimination of paperwork
  • Reduced errors and delays
  • Specialized reporting

Stay compliant automatically

Xnapp Compliance automates key functions, such as electronic drivers’ logs, inspections and checklists. It makes it easy for your people to record all transactions on their smartphones, so that they can focus on sales and other core business instead of rules and regulations.

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If it’s done with paper, you can do it with Xnapp

Any compliance process that currently involves paper can be automated with Xnapp Compliance. Your administrators can be confident that all statutory obligations have been achieved. Data is reliably collected and delivered back to your audit processes, without any paper shuffling.

  • Secure user authentication process
  • Latest statutory work rules logic
  • Simple input design
  • User review of collected data
  • Print option (supports wireless printer)
  • Audible alerts based on applied rules
  • Daily data transfer to secure Xnapp servers
  • Regular application requirement checks on mobile device