Xnapp Lone Worker

Those who work alone get great support with Xnapp Lone Worker.

Look after employees who are on their own, so that they feel secure and can do a better job

  • Instant job dispatch to mobile workforce
  • Provides proof of visits
  • Improves regulatory compliance
  • Eliminates time-consuming paperwork in the field and at base
  • Supports easy communication with workers
  • You’ll always know where your workers are
  • Panic button ensures workers can quickly call for help

A helping hand for lone workers

Xnapp Lone Worker is ideal for employees who are in the field alone – utility industry technicians, security guards, aides, community nurses, therapists, sales reps and service technicians. It ensures more time spent with customers because paperwork is eliminated – schedules, time sheets, visit records can be viewed and completed on a smartphone or mobile device. Xnapp Lone Worker also provides better personal safety for field workers – they can call for help with one touch for SOS.

Cost reductions

GPS ensures you can see location of every worker – this helps to improve worker compliance and accountability. Automated workflow and enhanced route creation and adherence views enhances worker productivity and supervision.

  • Secure user login and password
  • View work schedule for the day
  • Rugged and non-rugged device options
  • One-touch call for help
  • Secure messaging with Office
  • Supports both tablet and smart phone platforms
  • Audible alerts of new job’s arrival
  • Real time data transfer to secure Xnapp servers