Xnapp Sales Force Automation

Reduce errors and increase daily sales with Xnapp Sales & Territory Management

Automates the sales field process for FMCG industry to reduce errors and increase daily sales

  • Supports FMCG on-the-road sales force
  • Fits any kind of sales and distribution model
  • Better territory planning and control
  • Faster order to invoice
  • Greater visibility of sales rep productivity
  • Efficient stock replenishment improves customer satisfaction
  • Reduced administration in back office

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Make every rep more efficient

Xnapp Sales Force Automation is a simple FMCG field force automation solution that increases efficiency of every rep to improve customer service and increase sales. It drives compliance and in-store execution behaviour of sales reps with order suggestions and self-measurement on various targets (sales, linearity, focus brands, collection, merchandising etc). Your sales force will have more time for selling and fewer opportunities to make mistakes.

Keep the customers satisfied

Improved forecasting and order planning decreases the risk of stock outs and returns. Transport costs are reduced and customers are happier.

Superior mapping for better management

The map overlay shows distribution width of a particular brand/SKU, beat or class of outlets. You’ll always have a clear view of all last mile sales with single repository and real time data synchronisations. Xnapp Sales Force automation aids TSIs and ASMs with real time visibility, reporting and intelligence around beat/rep productivity, distribution width coverage, drop size analysis and more. Reports can be automatically sent to mailbox; key metrices can be sent by SMS.

Fits your business

Xnapp Sales Force Automation can be adapted to fit any kind of business model in the FMCG sector. It integrates with your ERP system and addresses all aspects of secondary sales and distribution.

  • Order entry
  • Sales returns
  • Collections
  • Plan beat cycles
  • Monitor field progress
  • Track order generation and collection online
  • Guard on field activities
  • Schemes and promotions
  • Merchandising
  • Viewing retail off take history
  • Performance review against width and depth
  • Integration with existing ERP system